Why Use A Best Learning Management System


Unless you have spent the last 3 months under a rock LMS system, you must be tired of hearing about the “new normal” provided by the coronavirus and the global pandemic.

This idea talks about the changes that the crisis has brought to the way we relate, work and learn. It also explains the significant increase in the search for the term Learning Management System in the first half of 2020.

The Search For Learning Management Systems

If you analyze the print below, which we made from the Google Trends website, you will notice that the highest peak in the last ten years for searches for the term “learning management system” on the website took place in March 2020. Not coincidentally, the month in that the first cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus, were identified in Brazil.

Those who have not yet joined distance learning will soon

The digital transformation trend is not new. With each passing year, people become more and more connected. What changes not only the way we communicate, but also how we learn.

Every year, the search for videos in the “how to do a certain thing” style, which demonstrates people’s interest in learning through audiovisual content.

In addition, we know that 80% of people prefer to consume content via video, rather than reading text online. According to Cisco research , 82% of internet traffic is generated by video .

Therefore, it is safe to say that companies that have not yet embraced digital transformation will do so soon.

If not because of the pressure caused by the new coronavirus, then because of the way its employees learn. It is a way of reconciling the different ways of learning of different generations in the same company.

Whether through videos, podcasts, mobile learning , augmented reality games, synchronous or asynchronous online classes,

it is undeniable that the current situation, combined with the technological customs of employees, requires greater digital adaptation by companies.

What Are The Benefits Of A Learning Management System?

Can you imagine having a school dedicated to your company available? A place accessible to all your employees with information about your processes, market and organizational culture?

In short, this is basically what a learning management system ( also known as an LMS platform ) does. This is because it is through it that your employees are able to ask questions about daily activities and processes, wherever they are.

In addition, these platforms help managers and T&D professionals to deal with the daily challenges of training and developing their teams, regardless of their size. Like for example:

  • Manage training (on-site, blended and distance learning);
  • Align student and instructor schedules;
  • Carry out training only during working hours (to avoid fines and labor liabilities);
  • Take care of the logistics of training and development actions;
  • Optimize the time allocated to the execution of training;
  • Decrease training costs.

This becomes possible since the platforms help in the automation of daily and occasional activities related to T&D. What’s more, when we talk about learning management systems and their benefits, we’re also talking about:

  • Accessible training 24/7 and from anywhere;
  • Integrated chat and forum tools;
  • Scalability for your T&D actions;
  • Greater diversity in the content formats offered;
  • Cost reduction for the implementation of T&D actions;
  • Possibility to customize the platform according to the company’s needs;
  • Data collection that allows strategic HR actions;
  • Greater autonomy in learning for the student;
  • Automated processes that reduce the chances of errors, fines and labor liabilities.

However, you need to be aware of the company’s needs when choosing your learning management system. Read on to discover our tips for choosing your LMS!

How To Choose The Learning Management System For Your Company?

Although the moment sounds very immediate, it’s important to remember that acquiring the first platform you find in your Google search is not the best way to take your company into the digital age. It is important to consider issues such as:

  • What is your company’s need?
  • Do you already have training that can feed your own platform?
  • Is there any legislation that governs the training you want to offer?
  • Does the LMS platform cover all employee needs?
  • Is your interface simple and intuitive?
  • Will your employees need help interacting with the materials?
  • Where will your contributors get support in dealing with content queries?
  • What is the platform deployment time?

Therefore, many companies end up opting for third-party platforms that allow customization and have a complete catalog of courses, ready to be used. In these cases, it is important to observe the security offered to the contracting company, in addition to support for students and managers.

For example, Portal Escudo , a learning management system focused on Occupational Health and Safety developed by Evolke, guarantees legal security for clients with more than 55 off-the-shelf courses in compliance with the law.

In addition, Portal Escudo’s platform offers several resources to promote a complete and collaborative learning experience, such as: interactive and gamified training, simulators, 3D objects, forums for discussion and information sharing, pedagogical support with expert instructors, and a network social media for sharing and interaction with students. Which makes it a great option for companies looking for EaD normative training.

So, ready to get started?

So, now that you’re aware of the digital transformation of companies and the benefits of learning management systems, it’s time to start using one.

But remember, what works for your neighbor may not always work for you. That’s why it’s important to research and make sure that the learning management system you choose meets your needs.

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