How Distance Secondary Schooling Works?


Fundamental education Distance is everyone’s proper, states the Federal charter of 1988. However, by 2017, fifty three.Four% of Brazilians over 25 had no longer finished excessive college (continuous Pnad, Brazilian Institute of Geography and facts – IBGE ). In an attempt to trade this statistic, youngsters and person training (EJA) is likewise to be had inside the distance mode.

“The high-quality benefit of EAD is the adequacy to the work ordinary and commitments of each scholar. Alternatively, it takes more field and autonomy to satisfy the obligations of the course”, defends Maria Tereza Xavier, coordinator of the EJA of the incorporated center of fundamental education for young human beings and Adults Uninter.

The teacher explains that the EJA is equal to the vintage supplementary in its layout. But, in addition to supplementing the extent of instruction, it ambitions to provide an schooling this is greater proper to the desires of young humans and adults.

In 2017, almost 1.5 million younger humans and adults had been enrolled in EJA excessive faculty (Statistical Synopsis of primary training, national Institute of educational research and studies Anísio Teixeira – Inep). There may be no information on what number of college students are taking their distance course, but the modality is turning into more popular every day.

How distance EJA works

The route has content material same to  Distance everyday excessive faculty and its face-to-face counterpart. However, inside the distance modality, the Ministry of training establishes a few differentiated criteria for the existence of publications. The main necessities are:

Installation a virtual mastering environment (AVA), wherein on line classes are available

Offer didactic cloth to students

Have a minimal period of 1,two hundred hours

Have a library and computer labs at the on-site support centers for student use.

Supported by way of this structure, students Distance increase inside the content consistent with their personal gaining knowledge of pace. A few institutions also set up face-to-face lessons. At Uninter , they appear once every week. Similarly to stand-to-face conferences, students have get entry to to the VLE to contact professors and ask questions on-line.

Exams are done constantly during Distance the whole technique. After passing all topics, the scholar completes the direction and obtains the Secondary school final touch certificates, with out the want to take some other exam.

Within the case of institutions that have face-to-face meetings, the scholar also needs to attend 75% of the classes that allows Distance you to be authorized.

Who can do EJA

There are two vital criteria for enrolling in distance EJA, that are established by means of the Ministry of education. Are they:

Be 18 years antique on the time of enrollment

Have entire simple training.

Teenagers under the age of 18 have to attend ordinary faculties and can not attend EJA. The equal is going for emancipated minors.

Folks that started high school previously or finished subjects through the country wide exam for the Certification of adolescents and person competencies (Encceja) and want to enter the EJA, can eliminate some topics. To achieve this, honestly gift your school transcript or partial certificates of talent whilst enrolling.

Rights of folks that do EJA

Young human beings and adults who do EJA, whether or not face-to-face or at a distance, are taken into consideration college students Distance like every body else and feature the identical rights as folks who attend excessive school at everyday age.

For example:

Student identification

Pupil half of rate for cinemas, museums and cultural presentations

Loose bypass or price tag discount in cities that provide such blessings

Participation in apprenticeship packages

Do supervised internship

After finishing and passing the path, they also can experience the rights of every citizen with excessive faculty education, which include:

Entering better education thru the country wide high faculty examination (Enem), the entrance exam or other forms

Provide public tenders for folks who completed fundamental education

Apply for jobs that require a excessive faculty education.

A few consider that the age at which residents attend or whole their studies interferes with their rights, but this isn’t always actual. The law considers every person who has completed the basic degree of training inside the identical manner, regardless of age or instructional organization wherein they graduated.

Where to do EJA?

Instances of folks who finished the EJA – either face-to-face or EAD – however did now not gain their certification on the give up are not uncommon. There are numerous gives from institutions that are not certified to offer the program.

So as no longer to fall into this entice, the trainer offers an easy tip to position into exercise. Just contact the Secretary of schooling of the nation in query, or the group that represents it domestically, and ask if the academic establishment is allowed to offer EJA.

If so, the student can join with peace of thoughts. All educational institutions authorized through the education secretariats issue a high faculty finishing touch certificate on the stop of the direction.


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